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Coach Hire in Warrington

Warrington is a town founded by the Romans and initially served as a market place. Over time, the tool and textile industries were introduced, and these two have been maintained to date. The town was formed at a time when industrial revolution was at its peak, a big advantage that saw the town quickly rise into an urban city.

There are plenty of attractions in Warrington to visit and learn so much history from. If you are travelling as a group, it’s even better because you will share the nostalgic memories together. And speaking of travel, how about a Warrington coach hire that will allow all of you to travel as one?

As Coach Hire in Warrington, we want to make your experience in the Roman city the most memorable. We avail affordable minibus hire in Warrington packages that are fully serviced and driven by an experienced driver. Our coach tours around the city are top notch because we remain friendly to the client throughout and we know all the road networks through the city. If you are ready to explore the wonders of Warrington city, allow us to make this dream come true for you.

Things to do in Warrington

Have you heard of the Walton Hall and Gardens? You should have it as the first item on your itinerary immediately you arrive in Warrington. The gardens are lush and pristine, guiding your eyes to the magnificent English country house. There plenty of grounds for children to play and lots of amenities like Frisbees, swings and balls. There is a farm within the area too ideal for kids interested to see what a live pig or duck actually looks like.

Our couch tours will also take you to Winwick village, where the old St Oswald’s Church is located. Listed as a National Heritage monument, the old church houses plenty of history on the religious milestone made by the local Warrington folk through centuries. The church was built out of sandstone blending both gothic and gothic revival architecture. It is said that parts of this building date way back to the 13th century; so there is plenty of artefacts to discover.

Kids never get enough of playing, which is why there are plenty of parks within Warrington you can take them to indulge their adrenaline. Woolston Park is another amazing public area with lots of trees and natural flowing streams. The park covers about 56 acres of land providing plenty of grounds for picnicking, leisure strolls, an exciting football game with your kids or friends or just a nice quiet place to read a book. An ever better park owned by the town council is the Orford Park, which is ideal if your kids own skate boards or roller skates.

Upcoming Events in Warrington

  • Todd Terje Live , Manchester Cathedral (11th Sep 2015)
  • Keller Fest Music Night, Bierkeller Manchester (13th Sep 2015)
  • Halle Viennesse Celebration (2nd Jan 2016)
  • Jason Derulo Show in Warrington (4th Feb 2016)
  • Blithe Spirit (5th Feb-6th Feb 2016)
  • Majefa Trance Special (6th August 2016)

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience providing coach hire tours to both tourists and locals of Warrington. We are the right people to call when you need minibus hire in Warrington; our fleet has from 7 seater to 72 seater buses to fit your entire group for one exciting tour. All our drivers are trained on road safety and are insured to provide chauffer services to client.

Visit our coach hire in Warrington  for an even friendlier welcome from our customer care. Browse through our list of Warrington coach hire minibuses and select one that will fit your day trip.